High Return on Investment and Automatic Optimization Technology

By signing up to be an Advertiser on the AdUnleash Ad Network you will have the tools to reach a broad global audience while utilizing a specialized system that has the intelligence to automatically optimize and scale up your campaigns for maximum ROI. This isn’t your average ad delivery system…AdUnleash has the ability to make you more money with unique targeting and optimization technology that will assist you in reaching the customers you want 24/7.

Click Here to See Advertiser Benefits

Click Here to See Advertiser Benefits

Key Features for Advertisers

  • Self Serve advertising platform that is easy to use
  • Special technology to automatically optimize your campaigns based on performance and conversion data
  • Ad delivery to other networks that share our special intelligent advertising system which equals a broader market to sell to
  • Hybrid PPC + CPA bidding system to get the most for your advertising budget
  • Tools and analytic data to track and optimize your campaigns
  • Multiple targeting options including geotargeting, age and gender demographics, as well as niche category selection and keyword specification
  • Banner advertising options including Leaderboard (768×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250), and Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
  • Run multiple banner creatives and landing pages for split testing
  • Fast approvals to get your campaign up and running quickly
  • Minimum deposit required is only equal to one daily campaign budget.
  • Support Desk featuring help for general, technical, account setup, payment, and legal matters
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Have more questions about becoming an advertiser or how AdUnleash works? Check out our help section which includes more FAQs on advertising with AdUnleash.