Alternative Ads Can Now Be Served

Good news advertisers! Alternative ads can now be served via I-Frame. In the event there are no paid ads available targeting visitors from their country of origin, our system can show an Alternative IFRAME in the exact dimensions of your chosen zone size. All you need to do is enter the exact Website Address URL of your Alternative Ads page where specified when setting up a campaign.  

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Paypal Withdrawals are Now Available

When we launched recently the only option for withdrawing money was via ACH deposit to a US Bank. We have just added Paypal as a withdrawal option so now anyone with a valid Paypal account can accept payments. Stay tuned for more features coming soon…

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We are Now Live!

Everything is now functional and we are now accepting registrations for the AdUnleash Ad Network. To get started you can browse the advertiser and publisher sections as well as the FAQs. To register as a publisher or advertiser and start using our self serve system you can signup now. The advantage of getting in early for advertisers is cheap clicks and a great way to test out your creatives in...

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