The AdUnleash advertising network is packed full of special features to help advertisers and publishers connect to form a profitable partnership for both sides. Check out these features for potential advertisers and publishers.

Advertiser Features

  • Hybrid PPC + CPA bidding system to get the most for your advertising budget
  • Run multiple banner creatives and landing pages for split testing
  • Fast approvals to get your campaign up and running quickly
  • Lots of popular market verticals to advertise in
  • Access to other shared ad networks that share our technology
  • Tools and analytic data to track and optimize your campaigns
  • Anti fraud protection system in place that detects abnormal click activity and behavior on publisher sites and takes appropriate action.
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Publisher Features

  • Self Serve advertising platform that is easy to use
  • Three different banner size options available
  • Automatic eCPM optimization for higher earnings
  • You can run our ads with other ad networks, cpa networks, and affiliate networks and not violate their TOS in most cases
  • Detailed stats for each publisher zone that you setup
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