Advertiser FAQs

Advertising on AdUnleash is simple and intuitive. Here are some common questions and answers that you may have as an Advertiser. If you question is not answered please visit our help section, or contact us if you need further assistance.

Q: How do I signup to start advertising on your network?
A: Click on one of the ‘signup’ links located through the site or go here directly to signup.

Q: How do I setup a campaign with AdUnleash?
A: After you signup you will get access to the AdUnleash Network Admin area for your account. Simply click on the ‘Ad Campaigns’ button located at the top. For more detailed instructions on how to setup your first campaign you can view the how to setup an advertising campaign page.

Q: What type of advertising do you allow, text ads or banner ads, or both?
A: At this time we have banner advertising available in the following sizes: Leaderboard (768×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250), and Wide Skyscraper (160×600).

Q: Where are my ads placed?
A: Your ads are placed on publisher Web sites that have signed up with AdUnleash. Your ads will also appear across other networks publishers Web sites that share the same technology as us.

Q: What markets or ‘niches’ can I advertise in?
A: When you setup a campaign for the first time you can specify the market verticals that match your ads. We feature the most popular and lucrative ad categories like dating, finance, beauty, etc. There is also an option for ‘general advertising’ available for broader audiences. You also have the ability to enter general keywords to set a theme for your campaign. AdUnleash will take all of this data as a starting point, and automatically and intelligently optimize your campaign over time based on performance and other factors.

Q: What targeting options do I have when creating a campaign?
A: There are geotargeting options for specific countries, age and gender bias selections, as well as niche category selection.

Q: Am I allowed to ‘direct link’ to affiliate offers or do I need my own landing page?
A: We welcome affiliate marketers and have no problem with direct linking directly to offers from affiliate and other CPA networks. All that we ask is that the landing page does not violate our network terms of service.

Q: How fast are campaigns approved?
A: Generally campaigns are approved within one business day of being submitted. We do work on the weekends, but we have a life too!

Q: Can I run multiple ad creatives and landing pages at the same time?
A: Absolutely and we encourage you to do so to split test and figure out what converts best. Our special technology also helps with campaign optimization so keep that in mind.

Q: Can I setup multiple accounts?
A: We recommend using one account but if you are an ad agency that has multiple employees, or would prefer to setup multiple accounts for better ad tracking or organization on your end then it is allowed.

Q: Is there fraud protection in place?
A: We take fraud very seriously and there is a sophisticated fraud protection system in place that detects abnormal click activity and behavior on publisher sites and takes appropriate action.

Q: Should I do PPC bidding or use CPA?
A: AdUnleash features a unique bidding system that allows you to use PPC bidding, CPA bidding, or a combination of both. Many advertisers start with PPC bidding to test a campaign with lower click amounts and then go with CPA for campaign optimization. The special artificial intelligence that is used with CPA bidding will allow automatic optimization of your campaigns over time. Make sure to add the special tracking pixel to your confirmation or ‘thank you’ page as instructed to utilize proper CPA tracking.