Publisher FAQs

If you have a Web site and would like to sell ad space for banner advertising that is niche specific and optimized for conversions then AdUnleash is the perfect match for all Publishers. Here are some common questions and answers about becoming a publisher with AdUnleash. Here are some  common questions and answers for publishers that want to join our network:

Q: How do I signup to become a publisher with AdUnleash?
A: You can click on any of the signup links located throughout the site or register directly here.

Q: What types of Web sites do you accept…are there any requirements?
A: We allow all types of publisher Web sites that wish to monetize with targeted advertising. Your site must not violate any of our terms of service.

Q: Can I have multiple Web sites on your network?
A: Absolutely…we encourage you to setup multiple sites and ad zones for every niche you are in. For ad zone you setup there are demographic options to better match ads to your site.

Q: What kind of ads will be placed on my site?
A: You will be able to run banner ads that are submitted from advertisers in our system, as well as other networks that share our technology. Current sizes include Leaderboard (768×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250), and Wide Skyscraper (160×600).

Q: How much money will I make?
A: The answers to this question varies. Many factors are involved including the niche you are in and how well the ads running on your site are performing. We highly recommend placing the banner ads at premium spots on your site that are ‘above the fold’. Full earnings statistics are available from the earnings tab in your control panel to monitor all ad placements.

Q: Do I have to be based in the US to become a Publisher?
A: We accept publishers from most countries but you have to own a US based bank account to receive payments.

Q: How am I paid and how frequently?
A: Currently withdrawals can be done via direct deposit ACH to US based bank accounts, or via paypal. By the 5th of each month, your earnings for the previous month will be reviewed and posted to your account ledger and will be available for withdrawal.

Q: Is there a minimum payout amount before I can withdraw?
$50 is the minimum that can be withdrawn via direct deposit or paypal. For high-volume earners (over $1,000.00 per month), a portion of your earnings may qualify for early withdrawal.