Publishers can earn more with AdUnleash

Publishers can earn the highest CPM rates with our specialized intelligent optimization technology. Our system analyzes and compares CPM rates from advertisers and seeks the highest paying CPM rates even if advertisers are only offering PPC or CPA. If you have a Web site and have no monetization in place or have considered placing more ads to make money, AdUnleash can be a great way to supplement your income with targeted, effective banner advertising options.

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Key Features for Publishers

  • Fast and easy setup…grab our code and ads can start appearing on your Web site quickly after approval
  • Three different banner size options available to place on your site
  • Withdraw earnings from your account to be directly deposited to the preferred US bank checking account of your choice
  • For high-volume earners  a portion of your earnings may qualify for early withdrawal
  • Automatic eCPM optimization for higher earnings
  • Daily our system will  find you the highest CPM yields and optimize
  • Automatic intelligent rotation to the next most profitable set of offers when advertisers end their campaigns or go over budget
  • Advertisements pulled in from other networks that share our optimization technology for more earning potential
  • You can run our ads with other ad networks, cpa networks, and affiliate networks and not violate their TOS in most cases
  • Detailed stats for each publisher zone that you setup
  • Full support desk to help with any questions or problems
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Have more questions about becoming a publisher or how AdUnleash works? Check out our help section which includes more FAQs on selling ad space with AdUnleash.